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Better and more effective billing

Billing. Do it better, and do it more effectively. I hear a lot of people who say “I’m all set” when it comes to their billing requirements. Instead of that, what they should try to remember that this business is

Coin: The Electronic Credit Card


Ever wished you had just one card to replace every other card cluttering your wallet or purse? Well the company behind Coin has found a solution with a device that syncs up to 8 of your credit, debit, gift and

Transforming The Lives of Homeless Veterans Through Makeovers

What is it about the homeless that makes most people cringe? The minute you see them, do you also see your worst fears and financial nightmares come to life? Do you know a family member or friend who you feel

Empower Your Employees Through Intrapreneurship

How to Empower Your Employees

When businesses set up an intrapreneurial environment (an environment that encourages risk-taking and innovation), employees are more likely to help build long term value for the company. In a Q+A session, Steve Strauss tackles how to create a more entrepreneurial

4 Tools to Better Manage Your Email

4 Tools to Better Manage Your Email

What’s worse than missing an email, falling behind in social media affairs or having to wait to respond to an email and then forgetting in the process? Nothing in this day and age. Email is everything when it comes to

Square Cash: An Easier Way to Wire Money

Square Cash

What if you could send your sister $2,000 via email, completely for free? That’s what Square is trying to accomplish with their new endeavor Square Cash. How it works: Send an email to a friend or family member with your

Unexpected Side Effects of the Government Shutdown

Since October 1, 2013, the federal government’s shutdown has sent more than 800,000 workers home without pay,¬†while another 1.3 million were required to report to work without pay. You probably never expected the ripple effect of the shutdown to reach

Get Out and Stay Out of Debt With Well Kept Wallet

Get Out and Stay Out of Debt With Well Kept Wallet

One couple proves that it’s completely possible to get out of debt – their own experience involved paying off $52,000 in 18 months. How? Through a combination of cutting back spending, selling belongings online, and taking on a second job.

Why Digital Tools Play a Big Role in Small Business Growth

Why Digital Tools Play a Big Role in Small Business Growth

One in 10 small businesses don’t have a website, according to the National Small Business Association’s 2013 Technology Survey. Nearly 30% don’t even use social media. Don’t fall into this trap if you’re a business owner, and don’t hang on

Where do dollar bills come from?

U.S. Bills

Here’s an interesting fact: Every single U.S. bill in the world is printed on paper made by one small mill in Dalton, Massachusetts. The mill, Crane & Co., has been in charge of this production for the last 130 years.


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