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Why You Need a Mirror, Not a Mentor

Why You Need a Mirror, Not a Mentor

For years, you’ve heard the phrase “in [your field] industry, it’s all about who you know.” Author Todd Henry has dedicated his life’s work to outlining strategies¬†for engaging people you trust to help you stay on track with your goals.

Clinkle: Advanced Mobile Payments Technology


For a company that’s received one of the largest funding rounds for a seed deal ever ($25 million), we sure don’t know a lot about Clinkle. All we do know is that the payments product is on a mission to

Payze at The European Summit and Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest 2013

For the next week we will be networking in Budapest and Munich at The European Summit & Oktoberfest, while enjoying the best beer in the world! Find out how to register. Tweet

‘Breaking Bad’ Auction

Breaking Bad Auction

Get your wallets ready! In an effort to dispose of Breaking Bad props and costumes systematically and profitably, the studio is selling every object imaginable from the show. From Hector ‘Tio’ Salamanca’s wheelchair to Los Pollos Hermanos employee name tags,

Payze at Webmaster Access and XBIZ EU

Webmaster Access XBIZ EU 2013

Payze will be attending the biggest webmaster shows in Europe, Webmaster Access in Amsterdam, then XBIZ EU in London a few days later. With a schedule of educational and networking events ahead of us, we’ll be hanging out with colleagues

All the Financial Advice You’ll Ever Need on a 4×6 Index Card

Financial Index Card

After speaking with personal finance expert Helaine Olen, social scientist Harold Pollack wrote down everything you need to know about how to manage your money on the 4×6 index card above. Follow these principles and you’ll be in much, much,

Chris Rodger Joins as Director of Sales

Chris Rodger Joins as Director of Sales

We’re happy to announce Chris Rodger has joined our team here at Payze. With his extensive background in the industry and experience with billing, we believe Director of Sales is the perfect fit. Tweet

How Apple’s TouchID Will Affect the Future of Mobile Payments

Apple Touch ID

Apple has been a purveyor of phenomenons such as the multi-touch display, bundled data plans, FaceTime and now Touch ID. The newly introduced iPhone 5S includes the latter – a sensor embedded into the home button that unlocks the device

Why You Should Cherish ‘Bread and Butter’ Clients

Why You Should Cherish 'Bread and Butter' Clients

When we first open a business, keeping up appearances is easy – showing gratitude and appreciation for clients who get us off to a great start requires no effort at all, and is pretty genuine. But when we begin to

2013 NFL Kickoff

We’re as passionate about your business as we are about the first game of the NFL season! After the jump you’ll find a less-financial post containing a printable full season schedule. Enjoy the game tonight! Tweet


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