Better and more effective billing

Billing. Do it better, and do it more effectively.

I hear a lot of people who say “I’m all set” when it comes to their billing requirements. Instead of that, what they should try to remember that this business is always growing and evolving. Laws change, interests change, search engines change, etc. The industry has a continuous ebb and flow to it and merchants (that’s you), should pay close attention to these changes. Furthermore, one must try to stay ahead of the curve whenever possible.

Apply that methodology to your billing. Cover all your bases and don’t dive head-first into the latest thing. If someone wants to join your site, they will. Make sure you have the most POTENT billing mechanisms yielding efficient throughput for the best possible profit margin. A healthy combination of both 3rd party, and individual direct merchant services with alternative billing choices in place is a VERY good start. From there, always be monitoring your throughput, and give yourself the flexibility to swap from one primary biller to another on a moment’s notice.

Here’s something else to think about. Take a look at your join pages. Take a look at other people’s join pages. Remember that once you get a fish on the hook and their eyes are on that page, you need to be able to reel them in. So keep the momentum moving forward. Do not distract them any further! If they are on this page it means they really like what they’ve seen and the only thing they now need to see are the fields where their credit card information needs to go! So keep your join process flowing without any distractions.

One more thing. Get responsive! I cannot believe the number of join pages I still see every day that have non-responsive, non mobile friendly join pages! What!?! Believe it when I tell you, the moment you update that, you’ll see a spike in join revenue.

So there you go. A few simple things to consider. Be more effective in your billing, and make more money!


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