Life Lessons from an NFL Coach

Business Lessons NFL Coach

Football season is so close we can taste it. Recently, Sports Illustrated recorded Jason Garrett, head coach of the Cowboys, talking to his players at training-camp about how to succeed in the upcoming season. Much of what he said runs parallel to starting a business, so grab a cup of coffee and read on to get some real “cross-insight” from one of your favorite sports.

Your attitude is the only thing you can control.
“It’s the only thing we can control in our lives. Can’t control the past – success – failure – what this person says, or what that person says. When you get up in the morning you can only control your attitude. The happiest people I know in my life, the most successful people I’ve ever known in my life, they have great attitudes.”

Be at your best, regardless of the circumstances.
“Passionate people, with a single-minded focus don’t listen to the noise. Do you think Einstein listened to the noise? Do you think Dr. King listened to the noise? Ignore the noise. Be strong mentally.”

Overcome any obstacle in your way.
“Those guys that changed the world? Don’t you think they had obstacles to overcome? You bet they did. Figure it out. No excuses.”

Get stronger through adversity.
“We might lose a game, we might lose a first down; they may score a touchdown, someone may get hurt – but you have to persevere.”

Be on time and be ready to go.
“How you treat your commitments is a reflection of how important they are to you in your life. Don’t ever be late.”

Source: Huffington Post


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