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Why You Need a Mirror, Not a Mentor

Why You Need a Mirror, Not a Mentor

For years, you’ve heard the phrase “in [your field] industry, it’s all about who you know.” Author Todd Henry has dedicated his life’s work to outlining strategies¬†for engaging people you trust to help you stay on track with your goals.

Life Lessons from an NFL Coach

Business Lessons NFL Coach

Football season is so close we can taste it. Recently, Sports Illustrated recorded Jason Garrett, head coach of the Cowboys, talking to his players at training-camp about how to succeed in the upcoming season. Much of what he said runs

Could you quit your career to pursue your passion?

Treat Dreams

Over the last 10 years start-up businesses have been popping up everywhere, in every field. There’s easily been a shift in perspective within the average Joe: Individuals have gone from “I need a company job” to “I need to own


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