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Coin: The Electronic Credit Card


Ever wished you had just one card to replace every other card cluttering your wallet or purse? Well the company behind Coin has found a solution with a device that syncs up to 8 of your credit, debit, gift and

Square Cash: An Easier Way to Wire Money

Square Cash

What if you could send your sister $2,000 via email, completely for free? That’s what Square is trying to accomplish with their new endeavor Square Cash. How it works: Send an email to a friend or family member with your

Clinkle: Advanced Mobile Payments Technology


For a company that’s received one of the largest funding rounds for a seed deal ever ($25 million), we sure don’t know a lot about Clinkle. All we do know is that the payments product is on a mission to

Simple: The Mobile Banking App

Simple Banking App

Like Payze, Simple focuses on providing you with a better customer experience than the competition. Simple isn’t a bank itself – it exists only on the web and in app form – but works with FDIC-insured banks to handle your


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