Could you quit your career to pursue your passion?

Treat Dreams

Over the last 10 years start-up businesses have been popping up everywhere, in every field. There’s easily been a shift in perspective within the average Joe: Individuals have gone from “I need a company job” to “I need to own my own company.” Keeping faith in your own idea and pursuing a passion is risky, but if you’re lucky sometimes it pays off immensely.

Scott Moloney was one of those lucky people. For 18 years he worked in finance, then decided he was tired of it and no longer wanted to live in a box. He founded Treat Dreams, an ice cream shop that whips up incredible flavors like Hot Jalapeno and Macaroni & Cheese (to date, they have produced over 700 unique flavors).

The cost: $250,000 investment, $50,000 credit debt

The payoff: For 2013, Scott’s on his way to making upwards of half a million dollars in revenue

Ultimately, switching careers requires incredible faith and patience, but if you have a product you truly believe in and are emotionally invested, “the money will come,” as one of Scott’s customer’s remarked.

Source: Yahoo


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