How to Monetize Your Passion

Creative Mornings is a free monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types, that includes a 20 minute talk from a guest speaker. In February of this year, Montreal-based visual artist Dave Arnold spoke at the Ottawa CM on how he monetized his passion, and how you can too. His company, Mr. Sign, has become one of the most sought out custom signage companies in Montreal.

One of our favorite moments from the lecture is when Dave quotes, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Early on Dave was penniless and prospectless, so he went door to door to sell his paintings – that included businesses. He received several rejections, but also one huge opportunity for a major restaurant. When he booked that gig, word of mouth did the rest.

Here are 4 takeaways from the lecture:

1. Once you get an opportunity, bite into it as strong as you can and hold onto it for dear life

2. Quality matters, even on the smallest projects: make sure when you do something you do it perfectly

3. Make every project unique: do different things for every client; everyone wants to feel special

4. Make the client more money: give them a product that will increase their personal business so they will keep coming back, and they will brag to others about you

Watch the video above to learn more about Dave, and check out his company here.


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