Simple: The Mobile Banking App

Simple Banking App

Like Payze, Simple focuses on providing you with a better customer experience than the competition.

Simple isn’t a bank itself – it exists only on the web and in app form – but works with FDIC-insured banks to handle your money, without hidden fees. The beautiful, modern platform allows you to make purchases with a Simple Visa card (use their fee-free ATM locator to take out money), pay bills, earn interest and track savings goals, all while receiving notifications and alerts for each transaction. When you have questions, their customer service replies within minutes on Twitter, is available via chat through the app or you can just give them a call 24/7.

Simple’s mission is to provide a financial experience that’s easier, faster, and friendlier. If you already use Mint, an app to manage your finances, you’ll find this system is similar but more powerful.

Although Simple has been on the market for more than a year, it is still accepting new accounts by invitation only. Check out the website here.


Life Lessons from an NFL Coach

Business Lessons NFL Coach

Football season is so close we can taste it. Recently, Sports Illustrated recorded Jason Garrett, head coach of the Cowboys, talking to his players at training-camp about how to succeed in the upcoming season. Much of what he said runs parallel to starting a business, so grab a cup of coffee and read on to get some real “cross-insight” from one of your favorite sports.

Your attitude is the only thing you can control.
“It’s the only thing we can control in our lives. Can’t control the past – success – failure – what this person says, or what that person says. When you get up in the morning you can only control your attitude. The happiest people I know in my life, the most successful people I’ve ever known in my life, they have great attitudes.”

Be at your best, regardless of the circumstances.
“Passionate people, with a single-minded focus don’t listen to the noise. Do you think Einstein listened to the noise? Do you think Dr. King listened to the noise? Ignore the noise. Be strong mentally.”

Overcome any obstacle in your way.
“Those guys that changed the world? Don’t you think they had obstacles to overcome? You bet they did. Figure it out. No excuses.”

Get stronger through adversity.
“We might lose a game, we might lose a first down; they may score a touchdown, someone may get hurt – but you have to persevere.”

Be on time and be ready to go.
“How you treat your commitments is a reflection of how important they are to you in your life. Don’t ever be late.”

Source: Huffington Post

How to Monetize Your Passion

Creative Mornings is a free monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types, that includes a 20 minute talk from a guest speaker. In February of this year, Montreal-based visual artist Dave Arnold spoke at the Ottawa CM on how he monetized his passion, and how you can too. His company, Mr. Sign, has become one of the most sought out custom signage companies in Montreal.

One of our favorite moments from the lecture is when Dave quotes, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Early on Dave was penniless and prospectless, so he went door to door to sell his paintings – that included businesses. He received several rejections, but also one huge opportunity for a major restaurant. When he booked that gig, word of mouth did the rest.

Here are 4 takeaways from the lecture:

1. Once you get an opportunity, bite into it as strong as you can and hold onto it for dear life

2. Quality matters, even on the smallest projects: make sure when you do something you do it perfectly

3. Make every project unique: do different things for every client; everyone wants to feel special

4. Make the client more money: give them a product that will increase their personal business so they will keep coming back, and they will brag to others about you

Watch the video above to learn more about Dave, and check out his company here.

Could you quit your career to pursue your passion?

Treat Dreams

Over the last 10 years start-up businesses have been popping up everywhere, in every field. There’s easily been a shift in perspective within the average Joe: Individuals have gone from “I need a company job” to “I need to own my own company.” Keeping faith in your own idea and pursuing a passion is risky, but if you’re lucky sometimes it pays off immensely.

Scott Moloney was one of those lucky people. For 18 years he worked in finance, then decided he was tired of it and no longer wanted to live in a box. He founded Treat Dreams, an ice cream shop that whips up incredible flavors like Hot Jalapeno and Macaroni & Cheese (to date, they have produced over 700 unique flavors).

The cost: $250,000 investment, $50,000 credit debt

The payoff: For 2013, Scott’s on his way to making upwards of half a million dollars in revenue

Ultimately, switching careers requires incredible faith and patience, but if you have a product you truly believe in and are emotionally invested, “the money will come,” as one of Scott’s customer’s remarked.

Source: Yahoo

Reddit Reveals: What do you do and what is your salary?

Reddit Reveals: What Do You Do and What is Your Salary?

Someone took to Reddit to discuss the various exciting/scary salaries of NYC residents, and the results are fascinating and eye-opening. Between the age groups and positions, sometimes the numbers don’t add up. You might even be a little jealous. Check out a few general numbers below and see the entire thread here.

Lawyer$160,000 (plus bonus)
Assistant Costume Designer (TV/Film)$110,000 (with 3 months off)
Public School Teacher$62,000
Mechanical Engineer$72,000 (not including bonus)
FDNY EMT$31,000

Source: Gawker

Payze at the 2013 Qwebec Expo in Montreal

Payze at the 2013 Qwebec Expo in Montreal

From August 9-11, the Payze team will be attending the Qwebec Expo in Montreal and we’ll be ready to answer any questions you may have about setting up a merchant account, utilizing our software or getting in touch with business analysts. Below is our tentative schedule. If you’re planning on attending, look for the Payze booth, we’ll be wearing black polos!

8/8Golf Tournament at Club de Golf de Montreal ends 4pm (Doug)
8/8TooMuchMedia’s Kickoff Party 10pm (The Payze Team)
8/9Speed Networking Event 2pm-3pm (Doug)
8/9Billing & Processing Seminar 3:15pm-4:30pm (Doug is guest speaker)

Find out how to register here.

Doug Wicks Acquires Equity Stake in

Doug Wicks Acquires Equity Stake in

Today I am pleased to announce that Doug Wicks, Ph. D., has acquired a piece of our company, and will immediately assume the role of CEO. Joel and Dr. Wicks have been friends for years, having met while they ran CCBill. Read more ›


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