Payze at Webmaster Access and XBIZ EU

Webmaster Access XBIZ EU 2013

Payze will be attending the biggest webmaster shows in Europe, Webmaster Access in Amsterdam, then XBIZ EU in London a few days later. With a schedule of educational and networking events ahead of us, we’ll be hanging out with colleagues and learning more so that we can better serve you. If you’re planning on attending, find us!

Below is Chris and Doug’s tentative schedule.

9/20Registration (10am-6pm)
9/20Dutch Webmaster Meeting Lounge (12pm-6pm)
9/20Speed Networking (2pm-3pm)
9/20WMA Meet Market (5pm-8pm)
9/20Dutch Cheese Tasting (5pm-7pm)
9/20Corporate Cocktail Reception (530pm-8pm)
9/20Opening Party (11pm-3am)
9/20Poker Night (11pm-3am)
9/21AVN Lounge (11am-6pm)
9/21Speed Networking (1pm-2pm)
9/21Company Showcases (11am-5pm)
9/21Fly to the Moon with WebcamBiz Cocktail (3-4pm)
9/21Diamond Cocktail Reception (530pm-8pm)
9/21TrafficDinner (830pm-1030pm)
9/21LustNightOut: Redlight District PubCrawl (11pm-330am)
9/21TrafficShop Webmaster Cruise (All day)
9/22Registration (4pm-7pm)
9/22Kick-Off Happy Hour Event (5-7pm)
9/22Lobby Networking (7pm-close)
9/23Speed Networking #1 (10am-1150am)
9/24Speed Networking #2 (10am-1150am)
9/24Traffic - Chris Guest Speaker (1-150pm)
9/24Happy Hour (5-7pm)
9/24XBIZ Exec Awards (8pm-close)




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