Why Digital Tools Play a Big Role in Small Business Growth

Why Digital Tools Play a Big Role in Small Business Growth

One in 10 small businesses don’t have a website, according to the National Small Business Association’s 2013 Technology Survey. Nearly 30% don’t even use social media. Don’t fall into this trap if you’re a business owner, and don’t hang on the sidelines when it comes to tackling social media because for 15 hours a week (according to PQ Media) it’s where all of your customers are.

Learning the basics of old and new social media (Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs) is paramount to success and will not only help connect you to your customers and peers personally, but increase sales and brand awareness on a much larger scale. We can also guarantee how much fun it will be if you’re really passionate about your business.

Here are 7 tips for getting in the right light socially, and positioning your business to benefit as much as possible from any and all social media:

1. You must have a presentable website, one that is clean and updated on a desktop as well as a mobile device

2. When it comes to which social media platforms to choose, decide what means the most to your business and see what competitors are using

3. Whatever you choose always maintain an active presence (posting daily)

4. Don’t just focus on yourself in building your presence: share information, ask questions and post anything relevant to your company presently (i.e. things trending online, in the news or for general holidays) to engage consumers

5. It will take time, but will pay off immensely in the long run

6. Google your business and brands to find out where you’re showing up in Google search (set up Google alerts with relevant keywords to stay aware of when you’re mentioned online)

7. Incorporate your social media sites into your business cards and email signatures for more exposure



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