Why You Need a Mirror, Not a Mentor

Why You Need a Mirror, Not a Mentor

For years, you’ve heard the phrase “in [your field] industry, it’s all about who you know.” Author Todd Henry has dedicated his life’s work to outlining strategies¬†for engaging people you trust to help you stay on track with your goals. Here are 5 key points he emphasizes in his new book, Die Empty:

1. Just as a mirror allows you to see your true appearance, it’s important to have other people in your life to help you stay aligned and see what’s truly important

2. Identify a few people who: you trust and respect, speak the truth to you about what they see and have a genuine concern for your interests (and not their own)

3. Get together with your mirror once a week to find out how well you’re doing and where you may be falling short of your intentions, then share your goals and ambitions and ask them to always hold you accountable

4. Be the other person’s mirror; give complete honesty to receive it

5. Having a mirror in your life can help you hone your intuition and keep your focus, time and energy in the right place

Source: Entrepreneur


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